About Us

Hayward Sheppard is a downtown Vancouver law firm practicing in the areas of family, administrative and personal injury law.

As lawyers we must first and foremost be multifaceted problem solvers for our clients. While extensive experience in courtroom litigation is one of the tools in our chest, it is not the only one. We believe that a law firm must have versatility in approach to properly meet the challenges faced by its clients. Good advocacy - whether in negotiation or in litigation - is based on good judgment. We strive at all times to properly assess the best approach for each client through open and thoughtful communication as well as straightforward and strategic legal analysis. The goal is to provide value for our clients in a cost-efficient and solution-oriented manner.

Our lawyers have decades of experience as trial and appellate litigators as well as negotiators.

We have practitioners who are certified as mediators and in the field of collaborative law. We bring an impressive diversity of knowledge to our practice. We recognize that lawyers who aggressively litigate every dispute often do a disservice for their clients. Trials are expensive and often leave family relationships irreparably and unnecessarily tattered. For many clients, competent, skillful and creative negotiation is the most effective and inexpensive manner of resolving disputes and moving on to a new phase in life. We customize our approach to each client's unique needs.

This is where things start to get better.